Rupert Brown

Works for Sale

Original Works

Works are sold by direct contact as Rupert likes to meet anyone to whom and to where his paintings might be going. 

Prices for original works are by arrangement.

Watercolours are on Arches 300gsm papers and the acrylics on board or canvas. All paintings come mounted and framed unless requested otherwise.


Since direct contact is preferred with anyone who would like to see Rupert’s work, possibly with a view to buying, a visit can be arranged to the Studio. Please send any enquiries via the contact form or phone 01787 881157 to make an appointment.

Giclée prints on paper or canvas

These prints are at a point where Rupert himself cannot easily tell the difference between the print and the original. Production is limited to 12 prints. Preferred size can be had whilst still in proportion to the original. Prices vary with the size and the substrate. Prints are signed and numbered and supplied unmounted and unframed unless requested otherwise.

For more information on sizes and availability, please send enquiries via the contact form or call the Studio on 01787 881157.

Snowy painting Coffee pot by Rupert Brown